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 Important Announcement


Injunction Information - UPDATE 

On February 10th a temporary injunction tied to the City’s compliance with the requirements of California Senate Bill 2 regarding emergency shelters was issued.  This injunction suspends the City’s authority to issue Building Permits, Zone Changes, Variances, and Subdivision Maps for specific areas within the City.  The areas in question are primarily commercial in nature and are broadly defined as follows:  West Pico Corridor Specific Plan (including Calle de Industrias, Calle de Los Molinos, and the Staples Shopping Center); South El Camino Real; North El Camino Real; Del Mar/El Camino Real; Pico/El Camino Real; Camino Capistrano/El Camino Real; Camino de Los Mares; and Los Mares/Estrella.  The vast majority of the City including the major residential areas are not impacted.

***** UPDATE *******UPDATE******* UPDATE *****

On March 16th, the court accepted a stipulation to allow permits with the scopes outlined below to be issued within the impacted areas.

•        Maintenance and repair of existing structures, including, but not limited to, roof repairs/re‐roofs, repairs of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, and emergency repairs

•        Systems upgrades for existing structures, including, but not limited to, solar energy systems, electrical systems, lighting, HVAC, signage, and windows

•        Minor tenant improvements in existing buildings with valuations below $75,000

•        All alterations to existing structures undertaken solely for the purpose of barrier removal pursuant to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act or the accessibility requirements of the California Building Code

The City is still processing and reviewing all applications, however the City cannot issue any permit or approval beyond the scope outlined above in these areas until the injunction is lifted.  We sincerely apologize if you are affected by the ruling and for any inconvenience it creates.  The City continues to work diligently to resolve this issue and have this injunction lifted. 

If you want to determine if your property/project is impacted, please visit our Permitting Center located at 910 Calle Negocio, Suite 100 or call us at (949)-361-6100 and staff will be able to assist you.   Click here for map of impacted properties.


What is the purpose of the Building Department?

The Building and Safety Division is responsible for the building and safety standards for the design, construction, use, and occupancy, of all buildings and structures within the City of San Clemente. We provide plan checking, permitting, and inspection services for new construction, additions, renovations, alterations, and remodels to assure all structures meet the minimum life safety standards of State and local building codes adopted by the City of San Clemente.

Your development experience starts at our Community Development Department located at 910 Calle Negocio, Ste. 100, San Clemente, CA 92673. Staff will assist you with the processing of your development project and guide you through this somewhat complex process. After all of the reviews and approvals are complete, you will be ready to obtain your building permits. If you are going to do the improvements to your home yourself, you can obtain an “Owner Builder” permit after completing the owner builder verification form or if you are not going to do the work yourself, you can have your California Licensed Contractor obtain the permits and begin your development project.

Our goal in the City of San Clemente is to provide an effective and efficient service to our citizens, developers, contractors, architects and engineers and provided answers to frequently asked questions and general information about the development process. Information presented is intended to assist you in obtaining information about development standards and requirements for the City of San Clemente. However if you do not find the information you need or have further questions please feel free to contact us at (949) 361-6100 or you can send an E-mail to

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